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Part of my Seattle Guide.


  • Café Besalu Very possibly the best croissants I have ever had. Go. There will be a line in the morning.
  • Le Fournil French. Pastry-oriented but good baguette sandwiches too.
  • Bakery Nouveau (West Seattle & Capitol HIll) is also delicious, especially the twice-baked croissants of any variety. Sandwiches are also great to bring on a hike. The Capitol Hill location's proximity to my home is slowly killing and bankrupting me.
  • Top Pot Donuts Cake donuts with premium ingredients. Delicious fritters. Wedgwood, Downtown, and Capitol Hill.
  • Tall Grass (Ballard) probably has the best bread in Seattle. Rubbish cinnamon rolls though.
  • George's Bakery. North Bend / Snoqualmie Pass - good if you're doing a morning hike on Si or Rattlesnake. Donuts. $5 lunch specials.

Chocolate / Ice Cream / Gelato

  • Ice Cream
    • Molly Moon Ice cream Creative flavors. Savagely good. Sundaes. (Wallingford, Capitol Hill, etc.)
    • Full Tilt in the UDistrict.
    • Bluebird (Capitol Hill) The Snickerdoodle Ice Cream is pretty awesome. Other flavors are good too. Beer. Board games, nice environment. I *really* like this place.
  • Theo Chocolates. See things to do.
  • For Gelato these days, I'm liking D'Ambrosio or Fainting Goat. The people at Fainting Goat are really nice, but D'Ambrosio is one of the top three gelato places I know in the world (the other two are in Florence).

Coffee & Tea

Obviously, there are good options for coffee in Seattle. A few standouts:

  • Analog Coffee -- Capitol Hill. Really good Herkimer pour overs. Not a huge space, so seats for working may be scarce
  • Milstead & Co. Under the 99 bridge in Fremont. Large, great space for parking and working for a while. They've been pursuing a slow-growth strategy, taking time to talk with new customers as they come in.
  • Victrola Roasters I'm a fan of their location on Pike, others like the darker location on 15th.
  • Remedy (Tea) I'm kinda meh on the space, others like it. But I do love the teas.


  • The Hill
    • Cocktails
      • Liberty - Great cocktails (especially the Point of No Return and the Seattle Sour), nice but sometimes crowded (at night) space. Decent espresso during the day and sushi, so I have sometimes spent an entire day here, transitioning from work to not work.
      • Artusi - another of my favorites, house cocktails are pretty great and their food (especially the pasta and whatever they are doing with steak) is reliably delicious.
      • Canon - I'm kinda lukewarm about this place, but it is worth a visit for the atmosphere and Manhattan Flight.
      • Tavern Law - Pretty good cocktails, decent food. I like it; some friends *really* like it.
    • Beer
      • Hopvine (15th) - good set of beers (IPA-focused) on tap, nice neighborhoody feel. I like their food (especially seasonal meatloaf sandwich), others are not always as enthusiastic.
      • Stumbling Monk
  • Downtown
    • Shorty's - weird pinball bar.
    • The Upstairs -- good cocktails, though your experience may be very dependent on who is tending bar.

Real food

On a scale of $ - $$$.

Pricier, delicious bistro places

  • Capitol Hill
    • Lark - small plates. Works best if you have a group for sharing. Get the mushrooms. Their bread comes from Tall Grass.
    • Dinette - everything is good, but the gnocchi is in a class by itself.
    • Quinn's
    • Restaurant Zoë - the testing menu is delicious. Also, a beautiful space.
    • Artusi - Short but delicious menu. Good cocktails. Cute space on the corner
    • Resto - You sit down, they cook for you. No menu.
  • Queen Anne / Seattle Center
    • Tilikum Place Café (Seattle Center) Currently my favorite in Seattle. Rib steak and squash blossoms, as well as any of their ice creams, are fantastic. Nice french press. Good brunch too (get the dutch baby or their special benedict)
    • Crow (Queen Anne). Very good. Get the pan fried chicken wrapped in prosciutto.
  • Elsewhere
    • Stumbling Goat (Phinney)
    • Café Flora (Madison Valley) - lots of delicious vegetarian options (also good GF and Vegan choices)


  • La Carta de Oaxaca (Ballard) Very good, especially the mole. Often crowded.
  • Capitol Hill
    • Café Presse (Capitol Hill). Steak frites are particularly good.
    • St John's I love this place, for lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, or snacks plus working. Service is delightfully indifferent.
    • Machiavelli - my favorite, non-expensive Italian in Seattle. Good cocktails too.
    • Hopvine - decent sandwiches and good soup (though not everyone agrees), lots of IPAs on tap
    • Annapurna - my favorite Indian place on the hill
    • Jamjuree - my favorite Thai in Seattle


U District

  • Agua Verde. See above. $. Food has been more meh lately, but I do still like the salsa bar.
  • Ugly Mug Café. Yummy soups and sandwiches. The half should be sufficient for most. $.

Fremont / Wallingford

  • Paseo I have yet to meet someone who has eaten one of their sandwiches and does not think they are the best in Seattle. Get the Cuban Roast (#2; formerly Midnight Cuban). Bring the wet-naps; it's impossible to eat these sandwiches and accompanying corn on the cob without making a bit of a mess (oops, corn on the cob is no longer included). Don't go too late; they run out of bread by evening and then you will have to eat one of the other delicious items on the menu. Worth a special trip. Closed Sunday and Monday.
  • Ranchos Bravos. Decent street Mexican.

Capitol Hill

  • Marination Station. Very good Korean/Mexican fusion. Cap Hill.
  • Ranchos Bravos. Decent street Mexican, or late night drunk food.
  • Tacos Chukis. Delicious Tacos. Get a couple for a snack, or several for a meal.


  • Flying Fish (Seattle). Get the bucket of dungeness crabs to share as an appetizer. $$$.
  • Anthony's Pier 66 (Seattle.) A bit more expensive than Flying Fish, this restaurant has slightly better food (including wonderful bread baskets) and more artistic presentation, and it is right on the water. This is the place go if you want your fish planked. ($$$). I've also eaten at Anthony's Bell Street Diner (downstairs, $$). It's a cheaper option and you definitely don't get what you don't pay for. You're on vacation. Go upstairs and live a little. Actually, lately I've been enjoying Chinook's - across from Ballard. Of the Anthony's establishments, it seems to do best at getting the price/quality combo right, but is still $$$. Unless you have your heart set on planked fish, I'd go to Tilikum for that money.