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on deck
description best time duration notes
backpack the Enchantments (Washington state) late summer / fall 2 days can also be done as a one day traverse
prague + budapest
bike Netherlands / Belgian coast early summer? one week
Alaska spring/summer kinda want a while to explore - Denali, the coastal areas, more
Australia 2+ weeks Probably involves car rental, best with more people?
Dolomites Sounds like August. hiking.
Dalmatian Coast so pretty.
Hong Kong seems appropriate for a long weekend sort of thing (no visa, wait till fares drop, fine any time of year
Na Pali coast 3-4 days, plus time on Kauai and/or another island? backpacking!
Snowdonia probably summer hiking
Kilimanjaro need a group and possibly a guide, but it's basically a walk up. Phil has been talking about this.
Peru Machu Pichu